Frequently Asked Questions - Women and Children's Center

Q: How long is the program?
A: The length of treatment depends on the type of care that is needed and your level of motivation.  this will be based on the needs of you and your family, and how you are able to progress in servies.  The therapist will work with you to help determine this from the very start of therapy services.

Q: When do my children become involved?
A: You will enter the program first.  Once you have settled in the program, your children will join you within a few weeks..

Q: Can I have visitors?
A: Yes, we encourage your family and friends to be involved in your treatment and to visit you.  Family and friends who wish to visit are asked to participate in a family education series and family day held twice monthly.

Q: What will my children do all day?
A: Children who are of school age will attend public school during the school year and outside activities such as Boys Club or Girls Inc. in the summer.  Younger children will participate in our on-site licensed daycare or in preschool/Head Start in the surrounding community.

Q: What is inpatient treatment?
A: Inpatient treatment provides a living environment with treatment services.  Treatment in these programs last on average 90 days, but may be longer or shorter depending on the patient.  Inpatient programs often have phases of treatment, with different expectations and activities.  For example, in the first phase, a patient's contact with family and friends may be restricted.  This restriction helps the person become part of the treatment community and adjust to his or her surroundings.  Jackson's inpatient programs assist patients in obtaining their GED, participate in classes, and job placement.  Inpatient programs are especially helpful to people who do not have a stable living or employment or family support.  They are also well-suited for people with severe addiction problems who have been unable to stay sober or drug-free in other treatment programs.

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