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Jackson Recovery Centers is a trusted name in inpatient co-occurring addiction treatment for adolescents ages 12-18.  We have nearly 40 years of experience helping teens and their families live a sober, fulfilling life of recovery.  As one of the first of its kind, our inpatient program has assisted thousands of teenagers in overcoming their substance abuse, addiction, and mental health disorders.

◾Evidence-based substance abuse, addiction, and co-occurring disorder treatment
◾Detoxification and stabilization
◾On-site psychiatric services to help children with co-occurring and mental health issues
◾On-site professional medical care
◾Trauma-informed care
◾Treatment plan and treatment stay designed around the specific needs of the individual and family
◾Structured gender-specific treatment with individual and group therapy
◾On-site accredited schooling to maintain education
◾Extended residential services for teen boys needing long-term care
◾We are a Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children (PMIC) provider

◾Gender-specific living space
◾Skill-building to live a life free from substances
◾Recreational, social, and physical activities
◾Therapy programs for family members and loved ones
◾Opportunity for physical and emotional stabilization
◾Therapeutic environment where patients support and care for one another

The Child and Adolescent Recovery Center has a professionally-trained treatment team that consists of a Administrative Director, Program Manager, Psychiatrist, Medical Director, Clinical Supervisor, Registered Nurses, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, and certified therapy staff.
◾Dr. Richard Brown - Psychiatrist Specializing in Children and Adolescents
◾Dr. David Paulsrud, MD - Medical Director of Jackson Recovery Centers
◾Collette McCullough, ARNP - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
◾Jodi Best, ARNP - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
◾Traci Merchant, MPA, ACADC - Administrative Director of Prevention and Adolescent Services
◾Gladys Smith, LISW - Program Manager of the Child and Adolescent Recovery Hospital
◾Lori McKinlay, LISW - Program Manager of the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit

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