Board of Directors

Charlie Lanphier Dan Moore (Chair)
Terri Avery  Hillard Knutson 
Rod Clay Dennis Gann
Marilyn Hagberg Jerry Haack
Charlie Knoepfler (Treasurer) Jennifer Jackson
Gary Mennen (Lifetime Honorary) Dean Meine
Ellen Nichols (Vice President) Stephanie Mohrhauser (Secretary)
Kermit Dahlen (President & CEO) Linda Phillips


Jackson Recovery Centers Foundation
Board of Directors

Ronald Yockey (President)
Marilyn Hagberg (Vice-President)
Marilyn Christiansen (Secretary)
Jennifer Jackson (Treasurer)
Ken Beaulieu
David Paulsrud
Ginny Peterson
Greg Berenstein
Kermit Dahlen (President & CEO, Jackson Recovery Centers)
Ben Nesselhuf, (Executive Director, Jackson Recovery Centers Foundation)

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