Vision, Philosophy, Culture 

Our Vision

At Jackson Recovery Centers our vision is to create a recovery-centered Siouxland.  Our mission is to save lives by promoting recovery and providing programmatic excellence.    We offer high-quality, state-of-the-art addiction treatment that is rooted in the principles of the 12-Steps.   Jackson works tirelessly to end the stigma associated with the disease of addiction and educate the Siouxland community on how addiction can be prevented and treated.

Our Philosophy

Addictions are primary, progressive, chronic, and potentially fatal brain diseases.  Our patients are suffering from an illness and deserve to be treated with love, hope, and respect.  Addictions are preventable and treatable, and our patients and their families can live a life of recovery.  Recovery is a physical, spiritual, and emotional experience that has many different components.  It can be facilitated with effective clinical therapies, medical and pharmaceutical support and the working of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Our Corporate Culture

We strive to make Jackson Recovery Centers a great place to work, learn, grow, and recover.  We work to create an environment where everyone is an important member of a professional team dedicated to life-saving work.  All staff members are essential to our patients’ success and recovery. 

Our staff at Jackson works to create a shared vision, articulate clear expectations, provide authentic recognition, give constructive feedback, ensure a clean and safe work environment, as well as create a positive corporate culture.  We work to provide every employee with opportunities to continue to learn new skills, mature as an individual, and provide an environment supportive of personal recovery and growth.

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